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Coaching Approach

We see ourselves and the world in a new way because we have grown bigger than our previous way of being, integrating more of the world into who we are.

Both healing and transformation are about wholeness. As we transform, we heal. To heal, we will likely transform.

Healing is a journey, one that takes us through the depths of who we are to emerge on the other side, whole. We transform in the process of healing, and since body/mind/spirit are one, we transform wholly. In essence, transformation and healing happen simultaneously. Both require intention and letting go, willingness and surrender,

Education + Inspiration + Support = SUCCESS

We all know what we could do to increase our overall wellness, yet how many of us are actually doing it?

There are three keys to being successful in taking the actions to increase our wellness and reach our goals:

1.Education: Exploring and inquiring about what is going on, the costs and benefits of current ways of doing things, and learning the why behind what to do

2.Inspiration: Visioning what our life could be so we are encouraged to take positive action in that direction

3.Support: Being in community helps us know we are not alone, and others, whether a coach or wellness buddy, can hold us accountable to what we say we want

Clear Agreements

I cannot do your work for you. You must be an active, willing, and committed participant in your coaching. It’s your life! Please come ready to be open to deep inquiry into the ways of being that are holding you back. Be willing to consider that you are a miracle, an amazing and beautiful being living an extraordinary life. Show up with a desire to take a journey within and do the necessary tasks along the way, listening to your own intuition even as you allow me to provide some guidance. 

I agree that I will see you as an amazing and beautiful being and hold the space for you even when you cannot see that for yourself. I agree to witness and honor your journey and support you to reach your goals to the best of my ability. I agree to listen deeply and speak boldly, creating a space of exploration and encouragement. I agree to continue to do my own work so I can show up completely for you.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to wholeness. If you’re ready to get started, check out health coaching, transformation coaching, or just contact me for your free initial Discovery Session ($100 value). 

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To Heal = To Make Whole

To heal, we move toward greater wholeness. Healing is not just a physical phenomena, it’s a body/mind/soul/spirit endeavor. In order to heal our body, our entire being needs to heal.

Transformation = Becoming More Whole

Transformation happens when we shift our identity and worldview to become more complex, to incorporate more perspectives.

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