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The Balance Blueprint

In this 5-module online course, you will:

  1. •Assess your “imbalance quotient” and your “balance barometer”

  2. • Stop juggling and start conducting your life with ease and grace

  3. • Treat yourself like a VIP by bringing back self-care

  4. • Make small and sustainable changes that lead to increased well-being

  5. • Enjoy waking up in the morning because you are excited to get to your day!

Healthy Habits Intensive

In this 6-8 week course, you will:

  1. • Assess your current health and lifestyle status

  2. • Set goals and explore obstacles to reaching them

  3. • Become more aware of how small steps can have a big impact

  4. • Create a wellness plan that works for you

Modules cover the topics taking stock, changing yourself, exercise and movement, nutrition and diet, mindfulness and meditation, and keeping up the momentum.

Staying Healthy on Vacation

This 2-hour workshop will help you:

  1. • Explore challenges to staying healthy away from home

  2. • Find ways to eat well on-the-road

  3. • Learn small steps you can take to stay healthy, no matter where you are!

Create Your Own Diet

This 2-hour workshop will help you:

  1. • Learn to navigate the morass of diets and nutritional information

  2. • Identify key dietary principles

  3. • Create a diet plan that works for you

Sugar Blues

This 2-hour workshop will help you:

  1. • Explore the role sugar plays in your life

  2. • Learn about sugar cravings and sugar’s impact on the body

  3. • Discover ways to gain control without depriving yourself

Changing Yourself

This 4-hour workshop will help you:

  1. • Identify areas in life where you would like change

  2. • Set goals

  3. • Identify obstacles

  4. • Determine challenges and supports

  5. • Leave with a plan for making your goals a reality

Creating Internal Harmony

  1. This 4-6 week course will help you:

  2. • Identify the three types of internal conflicts

  3. • Learn a process to mediate internal conflicts

  4. • Make better decisions

  5. • Stop judging yourself for things that happened in the past

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What Do You Want to Learn?

  1. BulletHow to create your own diet?

  1. BulletHow to stop those judgmental inner voices?

  1. BulletHow to get rid of sugar cravings...for good?

  1. BulletHow to make better decisions?

  1. BulletHow to sustain healthy habits?

With workshops of various lengths—from short 2-hour to 6-8 week online or in-person courses—we’ve got something for you.

Read on for a list of course offerings and check the calendar[link] for upcoming dates. If you have a group or space that would be interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us; feel free to suggest a class based on your group’s interest, and we will develop it!

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