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This is more than just shifting a few behaviors or learning a new skill; it’s shifting what we think about ourselves, the world around us, and the relationship between the two.

Who we are shifts in transformation. It’s a being change, not a doing change. The doing will follow the being.

Transformation is where the rubber meets the road. It’s where inner and outer come together to expand our consciousness, where we take what is happening—our challenges, discontents, even peak experiences—and let it fuel our further growth.

My purpose is to support others in that journey, the journey of transformation in service of living life fully. In this journey we become more of who we truly are and realize greater healing and wholeness.

On a deeper level, my purpose is to encourage awareness of life as a transformative process culturally and individually, and support people to put together the pieces to be able to live their entire life this way. When we are empowered to live our life as transformative process, we can be in a continual state of becoming, allowing a fluid interaction between inner and outer that calls us forward to reach our goals and dreams and places us in the flow of the greatest story being told, the story of evolving consciousness.

Will you join me?

Please explore these pages for more about what I do, and if you are ready to take me up on the offer of a complimentary Discovery Session ($100 value), click here to contact me today.

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Julie’s Philosophy

I believe that you can live your dreams. Do you believe that?

I don’t believe we can do it on our own (at least that hasn’t been my experience), nor is it necessarily easy to get there. When we begin going for something beyond what we already know, we often run right up against ourselves, and we are stopped in our tracks.

We need to change. Often, we need more than change; we need to transform. We must become the person who can live into that dream.

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