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I began coming across information and having experiences that led me to believe there was another way. Asthma was not just a condition to “manage” through medication. I began reading and doing research on alternative approaches to health and wellness.

Professionally, I tried different careers; I was a high school teacher, worked at a holistic learning center, and then went into educational technology. I found that I can be a workaholic, and my second experience of burnout led to the development of an autoimmune disease, further increasing my interest and research into holistic health.

Shortly thereafter I decided to go back to school, earning my Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies. I inquired deeply into the process of transformation of consciousness, how we can continue to change core aspects of who we are—our identity and worldview—throughout our lives to continually grow into more whole and complex beings: to grow into who we truly are. My book detailing the journey we might go through in transformation, which weaves together archetypal stories with stories of real people’s experience, is called Dying for Now: Living Your Transformative Journey.

I had long been interested in coaching, and had taken courses in creativity coaching. I received my health coach training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and combine that knowledge and experience with my work on transformation to provide a unique blend of coaching, designed to support people to powerfully shift their lives toward greater wholeness and healing. I have also recently become a ThetaHealingTM Practitioner, a powerful energy-based methodology that supports physical healing and shifting the deep subconscious beliefs we hold that stand in the way of healing.

Check out my blogs: Transformation Over Tapas for engaging posts on transformation and health; and Ocean Rose, a fabulous fairy tale exploration of losing and reclaiming feminine power.

Also check out my podcast: Autoimmune Adventures, inspiring, motivating, empowering, and encouraging people who have an autoimmune disorder to walk the transformational path of healing.

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My interest in alternative and holistic health began years ago when I realized that, when it came to my own health conditions, all Western medicine had to offer was drugs. Diagnosed with asthma as a toddler, I was on medication of various kinds throughout my life.

The history of my medications traces the history of what drugs were “popular” or considered the best current medication. At some point I began to wonder how much they really knew about the long term affects of these medications and whether there might be alternative approaches.

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