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Public Speaking
Navigate Your Transformative Journey

Is your group interested in health or self-development topics?

Julie Stiles, founder of Julie Stiles Coaching and author of the forthcoming book “Dying for Now: Living Your Transformative Journey” is available for speaking engagements for your group. Any format can be accommodated, from a small intimate gathering engaged in discussion as much as presentation, to a more formal setting for presentation or interactive workshops. Contact me for more information, and click here to download Julie’s Speaker Sheet.

To listen to interviews with me on various radio/podcast shows, go to Resources. To hear my own podcast, go to Autoimmune Adventures.

Sample topics include:

Take Back Power Over Your Wellbeing

We all know three things we could do to improve our health and wellness; yet how many of us are doing them? Covering basic but comprehensive ways we can take back our power by shifting how we are with our body, our mind, in our relationships, and in life, this talk inspires you to be proactive in making change.

Illness: From Wrongness to Rightness

Most people think that illness is a wrongness, something bad to be gotten rid of. But the truth is, when we can see illness as a rightness it opens the door to greater wholeness with ourselves. Learn the five keys that reveal new possibilities to see the gold in your experience.

The Journey of Transformation

Our life can be a transformative process if we allow it, a journey in which we can use what is happening to us to continuously grow beyond who we currently are and become more whole. Knowing the common landmarks along this journey can help us be in it with more awareness, helping us avoid common pitfalls that can derail us and keep us stuck.

Based on the forthcoming book “Dying for Now: Living Your Transformative Journey,” this talk will change how you view transformation and the life path.

Overwhelmed and Overworked? 5 Steps to Poised and Powerful

As a woman in the workplace, you are probably juggling many hats, trying to fulfill responsibilities in many realms, from career to family and friends. The very habits that are helping you succeed in carrying the load, however, may be sabotaging your overall wellness. This can result in a life that feels out of balance, with no time left over to take care of yourself, much less work toward fulfilling your deeper dreams. Come learn how to effectively shift from overwhelmed and overworked to poised and powerful.

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