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On Julie’s new podcast, Being Well, you’ll be enlightened and inspired to harness your power over your health and well-being.

Visit Autoimmune Adventures for engaging conversations about living  well with autoimmune illness, healing as a transformative path, escaping the autoimmune culture, and more!

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Julie’s Blogs

Visit Julie’s blogs: Transformation Over Tapas for engaging posts on transformation and health; and Ocean Rose, a fabulous fairy tale exploration of losing and reclaiming feminine power.

Julie’s Media Appearances

Here are links to media interviews and appearances:

The Career Corner, with John Jurkiewicz

April 16, 2015: Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit

Empowering Women, Transforming Lives, with Rebecca Hall Gruyter on Voice America

April 8, 2015: Love your body, tap into your spirit, enjoy the journey and Thrive!

Coffee & Coaching with Caryn

March 30, 2015: Keys to Living Your Adventure

January 15, 2015: Transform Your Health

Kharisma Lifestyle Entrepreneur Show

February, 2015: How to Make Small Lifestyle Changes Successfully

Inspired Works Podcast, with Chuck Wang

November, 2014: An Autoimmune Adventure with a holistic healing call to action

Speak Up and Stay Alive Patient Safety RadiOh with Pat Rullo

October 18, 2014: Autoimmunity

October 25, 2014: Taking Back Your Power

Dr. Lagrasso Beauty and Wellness Show, LAtalkradio

October 17, 2014. Listen here.

Awaken and Heal Series: Fiona Moore

Autoimmunity and Illness as Path to Wholeness

Inner Conflict to Outer Resolution BlogTalk Radio w/ Anthony Diaz

Are You Dialed In To Your Station For Transformation?