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From Overwhelm to Ease and Effectiveness

"When I started working with Julie, I often experienced overwhelm about getting the things done I wanted to and maintaining focus on what was most important. I would go through my day reacting to what came up and not make the headway I wanted on my "to do" list. Through working with Julie I have a new sense of clarity on my goals on all levels, from immediate to long term and big picture. I have a new sense of peace and joy waking up in the mornings, and feelings of clarity, ease and relaxation moving through my day, as well as a greater sense of efficiency and effectiveness prioritizing and getting things done.

Even when my days are chaotic with the unexpected, I more easily maintain a balanced flexibility and fluid structure, consciously choosing what to do next and how to respond. Julie's warm, clear presence and laser-focused questions helped me use my own skills to mediate my inner fears and desires, and to create sustainable and enjoyable strategies I use on a daily basis. I am now making the progress I have been longing for on the things that are important to me in both my personal and professional life, and I'm enjoying my life."

John Kinyon, Mediator and Mediation Trainer

johnkinyon.com, mediateyourlife.com

Positive Outlook, Pain Relief, Weight Loss

"When I first started working with Julie I did not realize how much I was self critical, letting one failure stop my attempts to make the changes I wanted. I was dealing with chronic pain, and also needed to lose weight and exercise more.

After going through her six-month program, I feel better about myself and respond with more positive thoughts, in spite of already being a pretty positive person. I know not to go into a negative blame game even when I don't carry through with something I had planned to do. Julie is so easy to talk to, supportive, and full of great resources to recommend on topics from diet, to self actualization, to conflict resolution. I have a lifetime (I'm 64) of experience, but Julie still had lots to offer me. 

I have solved the pain issue thru lifestyle, started losing weight through a new way of eating, begun cleaning and simplifying my home, and gained a more positive outlook about myself and my life. I now find it easier to consciously support others. My discussions with Julie really helped me find for myself where I wanted to go, and helped me get there, or at least head in that direction!"

Radha Speer, Owner, Caravan Gallery

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Success Stories

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Success Stories
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Through the Maze...

I had a ThetaHealing session with Julie Stiles to clear some deep-seated limiting beliefs. The process was amazing. I was very impressed with Julie’s skill and perceptive intuition which guided her through the maze of what I originally presented to deeper and deeper levels till we arrived at some startling core beliefs lodged in my subconscious. I completely trust the muscle-testing which verified what we discovered, and also verified that the beliefs had been cleared. This is a very high-level technology and Julie is a delightful, sensitive, and very insightful practitioner, whom I highly recommend. 

Tomar Levine, Intuitive Life Purpose & Career Guide, Akashic Record Consultant, New York, NY


Growing Sense of Peace and Acceptance

Since working with Julie my life has opened in ways I had never thought it could. She asks questions about how I would like to grow and gives just the right tools for this growth to happen. She has softly encouraged me to try new ways of thinking and feeling. My growing sense of peace and acceptance of myself is so touching to me, and has made me more accepting of others. I even enjoy the sadness of not having loved myself in the past the way I do now. I feel softer, not so angry and hard.

With Julie’s gentle guidance, I am willing to work on shifting patterns that no longer feel good. She has given me tools that when I use them, bring me to new levels of awareness, helping me observe how I am feeling right now and how I can change those feelings if I want to. She has helped me look at all aspects of my life and offered suggestions on how to improve them and maintain that improvement; she works from a holistic view of life that I value.”

Colleen Mader

Minister, Simple Island Weddings, St. Thomas, USVI


New Perspective on Inner Dialogue

“Julie's webinar on internal conflict gave me a different perspective on what's going on when I feel conflicted and specific ways to resolve the conflict. It shed some light on my inner dialogue, and I discovered a number of things about myself that I will explore further. I also think this skill will be very valuable in my coaching practice—recognizing inner conflict around health issues and coaching the person on the resolution process.”

Julie Ann Sorenson, Your Fabulous Life Weight Loss Coach holistichealthwithjulieann.com

Learning From The Inner Critic

“In Julie’s course I gained a better perspective on how to handle situations that I hadn't previously thought of as internal conflict. I was encouraged to treat each of my differing needs with respect, honoring and valuing what each perspective has to offer, and to truly listen within. I learned that I have a lot to learn from inner-critic opinions that have "nagged" me all my life--when I really worked with the needs and the motivation behind those old messages, I realized they are rich with information and concerns that truly do serve my best interest. Since the course, I was able to help my daughter process and learn from a painful internal conflict of her own. To have the tools and information to support her in this way was an amazing and valuable gift.”

Kendra Mellinger

Deeply Honored and Replenished

Julie holds a clear and compassionate space for deep healing. With her fine attunement and skill, I was able to release a very old and entrenched issue. Gently and quietly, my soul and body felt deeply honored and replenished by her work. Thank you, Julie.

Sarah McCroskey, Bioenergy Balancing Center