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“When I started working with Julie, I often experienced overwhelm about getting the things done I wanted to...”

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Navigate Your Transformative Journey

Are you interested in:

  1. BulletBecoming who you need to be to achieve what you want to achieve?

  1. BulletUnderstanding the process of changing yourself?

  1. BulletIntegrating body/mind/spirit to a greater degree?

  1. BulletFraming your experiences as part of your transformative journey?

  1. BulletRecognizing—and overcoming—your own tendencies to resist change?

  1. BulletExperiencing the beauty and mystery of conscious evolution?

Transformation coaching is a revolutionary approach to reaching your dreams through the process of deep inquiry into areas of identity and beliefs that hold you back. Challenges you face become gateways to greater awareness, the step-by-step process a path to expanded consciousness. Discover the deeper journey you are on and learn to be in it with more awareness.

In the six-month journey of discovery, inquiry, and integration, you will find support to go through a process that includes:

  1. BulletQuestioning what you have known

  1. BulletBeing in uncertainty

  1. BulletEmbracing forgotten or ignored aspects of yourself

  1. BulletHandling resistance

  1. BulletIntegrating all that you have learned into a new self

  1. BulletEmerging into the world with that new self

This approach has been exclusively developed by Julie Stiles from her forthcoming book Dying for Now: Living Your Transformative Journey.

Available as both individual and group coaching. Please see Events for upcoming group start dates, or contact us for your complimentary Discovery Session ($100 value).

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